1901 - 1951  Part 3

Although taken as a matter of course in today’s life, the installation of electric lights in the summer of 1913, thereby replacing the kerosene lamps; town water in 1935, when the hand pump in the kitchen was retired, and the purchase of the present organ in the Fall of 1926, at a cost of $2691.00, were important events and added to the comfort and pride of the members. The expenditure of the latter sum was no small item in those days. Credit should here be given to the Officers and members of Acacia Chapter N. 80, Order of the Eastern Star, for their liberal contributions toward the cost of the organ.

In World War II, the following Brethren were in the service:

William M. Dobson
Ralph B. Wicks
Watson A. Clover
Donald L. Woodside
Samuel W. Grant
Donald F. Nims
Frank J. Hadley, Jr.
Samuel P. Pike, III
Fred G. Husson
Charles C. Park
Frederick H. Stevens

Friendship Lodge has twice been honored by appointments of District Deputy Grand Masters by the Grand Lodge:

Right Worshipful George Clark Hill 1913 - 1914
Right Worshipful Austin Clifford Woodside 1947 – 1948

Five of our members have been awarded Fifty-Year Veteran Medals by the Grand Lodge: Brother George Warren Buck initiated in Thomas Talbot Lodge, March 5, 1895; Worshipful Caleb Samuel Harriman initiated in William Parkman Lodge, April 1, 1897; Brother John Robert McIntosh initiated in Good Samaritan Lodge, May 18, 1899; Right Worshipful George Clark Hill initiated in Good Samaritan Lodge, September 1, 1899; and Worshipful George Lewis Perry initiated in Thomas Talbot Lodge, January 1,1901.

On December 20, 1916, Brother George Allison Hart, a Charter Member, was made a Life Member. He was Tyler from 1902 to 1917, and received the Henry Price Medal from the Grand Lodge on March 20, 1918.

The Joseph Warren Medal was presented to Worshipful Harry R. Deming on January 17, 1940, by Right Worshipful Paul N. Shiverick, District Deputy Grand Master. This Medal was presented for distinguished service in masonry for having been present at every stated communication for twenty-eight consecutive years.

On December 19, 1906, Worshipful William L. Kelley presented the Lodge with a gavel made from a piece of the original wood taken from the United States Ship “Constitution”, expressing the wish that it be used only when the Master opens his lodge on entering and closing the lodge when retiring from office. The lodge voted to accept the gavel, with thanks, and to respect his wishes by considering them a condition of its acceptance.

On September 15, 1926, the 25th Anniversary of the Lodge was celebrated, opening by conducting to the stations they occupied in September 1902, the following officers:

Rt. Worshipful George C. HillIn the East
Worshipful Caleb S. HarrimanJunior Warden
Brother John W. HathawaySecretary
Rev. Brother Walter H. RollinsChaplain
Brother J. Arthur TaylorMarshal
Worshipful Edward N. EamesSenior Deacon
Worshipful George L. PerryJunior Warden

After standing a moment in silent tribute to our departed Brethren and those unable to be present, the members proceeded to the lower hall, where a chicken supper was served by the ladies of the Eastern Star. The speakers of the evening were Right Worshipful John A. Avery, Worshipful Frederick L. Putnam and Rev. Brother Walter H. Rollins.

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