1901 - 1951  Part 4

Our members were saddened by the death of Right Worshipful George Clark Hill on May 17, 1951. He was our first Master under charter, Secretary from 1906 to 1921, and District Deputy Grand Master in 1913 and 1914. Although not able to be with us except on special occasions, his love for and interest in Masonry continued until the last. He presided in the East at our Past Masterís Night the evening before he passed to his Great Reward. His Records as Secretary were examples of accuracy, clarity and fine penmanship, of which Friendship is justly proud.

Now in the service of Our Country are Brothers:

Henry P. Chinn
Frank H. Dayton
James S. Fairweather
Arthur C. Fish
Frederick J. Fish
Charles F. Powell
Thomas Sparkes
George H. White

Neither time nor space will permit enumerating all the names of our District Deputy Grand Masters and other members of the fraternity, whose assistance and words of wisdom have helped to guide us down through the years. Outstanding, however, is that of Right Worshipful Frederick L. Putnam Past Grand Lecturer and Honorary Member of Friendship Lodge, whose wise counsel and assistance began even before our charter was granted.

The spirit of generosity and rendering service, which existed at the beginning of Friendship Lodge, when officers and members contributed money, materials and labor to furnish the lodge room, has prevailed down through time to our present Square and Compass Club and our members. Interior decorations, extensive repairs and our up-to-date kitchen are but a few of their contributions to the craft.

Friendship is comparatively a small lodge, our membership standing at 268 at this writing, and although our growth has been at a healthy rate, the field from which we may expect desirable applicants is limited.

The foregoing is intended to be only a brief sketch of some of the important facts concerning our lodge, with the thought that it may refresh the memories of our older Brethren and give our younger members a glimpse into the past.

With the lodge entirely free from debt, a spirit of cooperation and harmony prevailing, and having maintained the tradition of good Masonry since the granting of our charter, it is felt that our members, young and old, can look back at the record with pride and without regrets.

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